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Craft Programs for Adults with Challenges

Abilities Craft Program


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Teaching Hands provides a craft-based curriculum for adults (18+) experiencing a range of cognitive, emotional-psychological, and/or stroke related challenges .


What are the benefits of a craft based curriculum for special needs adults?

Craft Programs for Special Needs AdultsProgramming is designed and continues to be influenced by research in the field of cognitive neuroscience and psychology, particularly areas suggesting the manipulation of hands ( hands-on activity) requiring the use of tools contribute to a higher integration of cognitive, perceptual and fine motor processes.

In addition to recognizing the learning brain receives a high level of  information through the sensation and movement of the hands….what we create using our hands not only presents the individual with a sense of control over what they are doing but presents the individual with a visible and concrete display of accomplishment and pride.


What are the challenges of a craft based curriculum for adults with disabilities?

Crafts for Adults with DisabilitiesAdult learners may feel anxious about learning or re-learning skills. This may be from past experiences of not measuring up to peers  or not meeting their own expectations with hand-on-tasks.  Perhaps the speed-of-processing information or the ability to concentrate for longer lengths of time have affected a positive sense of self.  Occasionally a student begins having lost strength and focus in using their hands. However, with time, patience and understanding skills are developed and strengthened. As stress is reduced, and success is felt, self esteem is increased. At Teaching Hands a craft-based curriculum is designed to bring balance and harmony into every individual’s vision of themselves. This is the opportunity: to realize ones full potential.


Are the craft projects “age appropriate”?

Useful Craft Projects for StudentsCraft skill and development at Teaching Hands is directed to the level of artisan. Students and their families are pleasantly surprised projects are not “silly” or childlike.  Whether the article be a knitted scarf, beaded bag, coiled basket, a woven rug, placemats or vintage apron, the finished product is artful, useful, and age appropriate.





"Sometimes our troubled sons and daughters with special needs require individualized programming to bring them out of a difficult time. I never thought my daughter would be interested in learning how to use a sewing machine."Read more