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sensory based program

"I took advantage of a number of counseling opportunities but as a final resort a social worker suggested I contact Susana. In short order, Susana suggested a sensory based individualized program which included art, music, movement and crafts." More

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Mainstream and/or Encouraging Abilities

What is Mainstream?

Short term workshops provide individuals the opportunity to experiment/be challenged with new techniques, projects and creative ideas.

For example:

  • A person may always have wanted to sew home décor projects, but do they want to invest in a sewing machine….would it be just as desirable to wait for a sale…but 100% cotton pillowcases are an outrageous price and the cushion covers don’t match the desired colour palette …a short term workshop could be the deciding factor
  • Can’t find a good quality scarf and hat set for the fall/winter/early spring….fiddling around with needles not desirable….in three hours or less, make a hat and scarf set on a knitting loom
  • Already comfortable with a sewing machine but fascinated by the idea of creating pottery-like fabric baskets…a workshop is the place to experiment
  • Require a project to wean you away from your I-phone ? reduce anxiety and re-invent calm try corking a ball of wool into unique strands for wall hangings or finger weaving
  • Designed to fit into your schedule and availability

How does Encouraging Abilities differ?

Whole brain teaching

The Encouraging Abilities program is designed for students 21 years and older, with developmental challenges, already showing interest in creative and artistic projects. A commitment to a regular once a week or E.O.W. (every other week) session seems to support the skill building set required to develop semi-professional projects

How is Teaching Hands different from other programs servicing adults with challenges?

Artwork at Teaching Hands
  • Consistently has a ratio 1:1; that is, myself and one student…no other distractions
  • An environmentally friendly work area: large windows for natural light, plants; music tailored to the emotional tone of the student
  • The projects are selected in conference with the students’ interests and skill level for maximum positive accomplishmen
  • One project builds on the next for a continuum of skill development
  • Teaching Hands - Artwork
  • Dedicated to Traditional Handicraft Arts and Crafts: supplies, equipment
  • Focus on hand/eye coordination; fine motor skills; improve ability to process information, reduce anxiety
  • Can include modest meal preparation, using mechanical cooking aids reinforcing the benefits in accomplishing tasks through hands on experience and the language (meaning making)
  • One day a week instruction per student (9:30am - 2:30pm) - occasional exceptions