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learning new skills

"Not only did she enjoy learning these new skills, she was really good at it!!!  And I was learning new strategies in the process.  That was the first phase-for my daughter to develop confidence and self-esteem."

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What is Art?

Teaching Hands - Artwork“A bridge between myself and the world”

What is creative intervention?

  • The focus is on the student learning about themselves and finding meaning in life
  • Provides a space where confidence and self esteem can be developed and nurtured
  • Introduces a structure where compliance and cooperation with others and the culture of adult life can emerge in their own time and space.

What is Plot “n” Blot?

Teaching Hands - Artwork

  • A technique developed at “teaching hands”  using acrylic paint
  • Colors emerge with extraordinary intensity.
  • Encourages the understanding of non-verbal symbols and metaphors
  • Evolves into story making and story telling
  • The general public seem drawn to the art work, pausing to reflect, interpret and share personal thoughts
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The making of fabric baskets to develop skills for community integration and normalization

Fabric basket Fabric baskets

This program was a result of designing functional products that would address a number of skill building goals and be a part of the renewed environmental movement. Several baskets have been donated to charitable organizations during fund raisers and/or purchased by members of the community for special occasion gifts.

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Finding volunteer placements to advance the development of skills

Continued citizenship is always the goal. Students have moved on to becoming friendly visitors, serving meals and clearing tables for pre-school children and seniors as well as assisting with arts and craft sessions at a number of day programs.