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"My daughter is 25 years old, has down syndrome, and loves doing crafts. Previously in adult craft programs she would be delegated to colouring in pictures and doing as she says “silly things”. I didn’t know what to expect in joining Susana’s group. I was a little worried for my daughter...would she become bored, frustrated, unhappy as had been my experience. Susana has managed to bring out skills I didn’t know my daughter was capable of. Professionally finished quilted placemats, beaded bags, knitted scarves. Some of which sold during a Xmas show. The others proudly used in our home. She loves being praised by others for her finished products and feels great accomplishment in using her new skills.  Placing the cash received from selling her items in her wallet is a great thrill."
- Mrs. B. H. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

"Susana’s commitment to recycled denim jeans and/or skirts has opened up a line of products that are whimsical and practical.  My daughter and she go to the Goodwill Services shops and search for new or lightly used children’s denim skirts or slacks.  The items are washed, cut and pieced and the material made into drawstring bags-some with beaded fringe. With larger pieces, strong durable grocery bags are constructed, always with a unique touch.  I am thrilled to see my daughter involved in the production of higher end craft products that actually have a function.  Also I understand the using of cloth bags for groceries are healthier than the recycled plastics."
- Mrs. J. B. West Hill, Ontario

"Rag rugs are a new addition to the craft family at Teaching Hands.  First using a cutting machine the students make metres and metres of strips to weave using lap frames. Sometimes to hurry the process along, students are encouraged to rip the cloth into lengths. Well my son,  who isn’t the most enthusiastic about doing the “brain gym” exercises Susana uses as warm ups, loves ripping the cloth and actually rolling up the lengths into the balls needed. The fact of the matter is the action in the ripping far exceed the breathing and strength exercises in the brain gym repertoire . Susana is able to pace the ripping of cloth to achieve the same result !!! Awesome !!!."
- Mr. B.W. Agincourt, Ontario

"Hello Susana, here is the picture of “Shifu” on his favourite bed…He loves the feeling of the fleece pillow.. Thank you so much again."
- Lisa,
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"I purchased a rya knotted rug from Teaching Hands for my grandson. The design is similar to the Hudson Bay Blanket that is on his bed. He loves it !!!
- Mrs. Jamie G.
Haliburton, Ontario

"Susana’s “crew” made some really interesting scarves with great pompoms. We purchased 4 and used them for stocking stuffers for our grandchildren."

- Mr. and Mrs. Burton
Hamilton, Ontario

"Because other parents may find themselves in my situation, I would like to explain how Susana’s method of teaching assisted my son in re-integrating into a community adult day program.


My son has Downs Syndrome and within the year of his father’s death stopped communicating with words, became more frustrated when asked to follow directions or join in group activities, and could strike out at staff and/or other special needs adults at the community day program he had attended for eight years.  Now considered a risk to others, he was suspended from this program. I took advantage of a number of counseling opportunities but as a final resort a social worker suggested I contact Susana. In short order, Susana suggested a sensory based individualized program which included art, music, movement and crafts.  She worked “hands on” with my son, and by years’ end, he had re-gained his speech and was ready for a new adult community day program, where he continues successfully to date."  

- Mrs. C. P., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 


"Sometimes our troubled sons and daughters require individualized programming to bring them out of a difficult time. I never thought my daughter would be interested in learning how to use a sewing machine, bead a cool backpack , sew a bag for her sister to carry books in, and make a granny square mat for her cat.  I never realized how these activities could be used as therapy.  Not only did she enjoy learning these new skills, she was really good at it!!!  And I was learning new strategies in the process.  That was the first phase-for my daughter to develop confidence and self-esteem.  Making these gains gave my daughter a reason to get up in the morning. Now she is a volunteer at a senior’s day program, becoming a true member of the community.  Susana has a unique talent in understanding what it takes to develop a true individualized life skills program that is meaningful to each participant/student."

- Mrs. T.M., West Hill, Ontario, Canada

"I purchase Susana's rag baskets on a regular basis for gift giving and continue to be in awe at their beauty and simplicity."

Lenore McGuire, Etobicoke, Ontario